4 Way Test Print

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The quadrants of this artwork depict the 4-Way Test of what we think, say or do in Rotary, using symbolic form. They are Haisla pictorial symbols, in the culture of British Columbia's West Coast First Nations tradition, which has no written language.

Each quadrant has symbols of the four clans in the Haisla Nation; the Eagle Clan, the Beaver Clan, the Raven Clan and the Fish Clan. They embrace the Rotary wheel, that is itself symbolic of the works performed by Rotary International, throughout the nations of the world. The symbolism begins with the Eagle Clan and progresses around the Rotary wheel in a clockwise direction.

The artist Mervin Windsor researched Haisla culture and produced the present artwork, symbolizing, in Haisla tradition, these concepts we as Rotarians hold so dear. The quadrants of this artwork depict the 4-Way Test of what we think, say or do in Rotary, using symbolic form.

Is it the truth?

  • To the First Nation, the eagle feather is symbolic of the truth

Is it fair to all concerned?

  • To the Haisla, fairness is the same as sharing. The potlatch, where people gather to share food, is symbolic of fairness with other clans, or villages

Will it build goodwill and better friendships?

  • It was a tradition among First Nations when tribes travelled to other villages, The chief would perform a welcome dance. Down feathers falling from his hat, or headdress symbolized goodwill towards the visitors. The people on the shore would form a welcoming arch of crossed paddles for the visitors to walk through as they stepped from their canoes.

Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

  • Villages were located on rivers, near the sea, which was the source of water, fish, plants and berries. These waterways were also the transportation system, which aided trading between tribes


The artist, Mervin Windsor, is a member of the Fish clan in the Haisla Village at Kitamaat, British Columbia. Born in Kitimat in 1964, Mervin comes from a long line of artists originating in Bella-Bells.  He developed his love of First Nations' art in high school in 1978.  His initial inspiration came from watching his older brother and friends.  He began to promote his own art-work in early 1997.

Each 4-Way Test Print is individually numbered and signed by the artist Mervin Windsor and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.